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Simio Releases their debut album


"The Other Side" is the culmination of a process that began in 2011 with the foundation of the quintet, currently composed of Fernando Pinto (voice), Pablo Aliaga (guitar), Adela Ibarra (guitar), Franco Maggio (bass) and Erick Araya (drums). Through twelve songs that bare their taste for hard rock and punk, you can listen and download the artwork directly from Sazoot

Review of the release of our first album “The Other Side” by Cristian Carisma of


At "full capacity", was the release of the album debut of the national quintet, on a day marked with emotions and quality performances.


December, 2nd - 2015

 Ph: Rodrigo Espinoza -

Ph: Rodrigo Espinoza -

At 10:16, an intro announces the start of what would be the live presentation of the group's recent work entitled "The Other Side". The musicians take the stage with "Colombian Pussy", which is also the first track in the CD. Erick Araya on drums , Adela Ibarra on guitar, Franco Maggio on bass, and Pablo Aliaga on guitar as well, making singer Fernando Pinto the last to enter the stage, to begin to stab us with his vocal cords and enthusiasm. "When The Times Comes", followed up, presenting SIMIO’s sound at it’s fullest, showing the band’s weight and strength. Afterwards came the emotional “Confused” in which Aliaga’s guitar and Pinto’s interpretations where perfect. “Death of me” sealed the first part of the presentation, which gave almost gave the audience no time to breathe. After a brief greeting by the lead singer, thanking the audience for their presence, they continued with “Someday”, in which Pinto had a little hitch with the last high note. Then came one of the best songs of the new record “Line in the Sand”, interpreted superbly by the musicians, who showed amazing consistency as a band. “lift Me Up” was one of the high points of the show, where you could clearly see a crowded Mibar. The sound radiating from the stage was clear and precise. The spirited "Pill", was responsible for turning up the heat on an alreadyhot performance, offering the first fists in the air during the bridge before the chorus. After finishing that song, Araya and Maggio stayed onstage to present us with an entertaining jam, later joined by Adela a talented and youthful figure that stands contributing with her personality. Finally came Aliaga to put the finishing touches on this entertaining improvisation. The singer then presented the group to the audience’s applause, then introduced a song originally authored by Adela Ibarra, who being the youngest, created the heaviest song on the album: "Control"; I was also surprised with her excellent guitar solo. "Other Side", the title track of their debut album then precedes the wonderful ballad "Far Away", which was interpreted ina a bit of a lower tone by Pinto, sounding just right and getting the most applause from the audience. Clearly, this song absolutely improved this wednesday night. With "No Cure, No Escape", they began to say goodbye to the audience, but not before giving us two new songs; "Still" and "Alone" - after the crowd demanded more - closing the curtain of a performance that left an indelible mark in the retinas of each and every one of us lucky enough to witness this great show.

 Ph: Rodrigo Espinoza -

Ph: Rodrigo Espinoza -

The band were clearly prepared for this important night, even seeing their logo behind them marked a special aesthetic that did not go unnoticed. Perhaps the evening lacked some neatness by the lighting crew, which remained too static throughout the whole concert. They demonstrated professionalism and a definite concern for every detail. A mystical union between each of the musicians, who was transferred to everyone of us in the audience. I am sure that everyone who attended, came out with a sense of joy, given by a band with real passion, sentiment and energy.

Review of our first album by Cristian Carisma

Within hours of the official launch of their work at Mibar on December 2nd, we review this great new record by the quintet.

The origin of the national band SIMIO, dates back to 2011. Even though it took a few years for them to consolidate as a group, they finally managed to find the current lineup, which recorded "The Other Side" in Audiocustom studios.

The dozen song that compose this release, have the particular quality of having sounds stethically linked to 90’s hard rock, with a freshness quota that makes it sound like today. When you press play you get the feeling that SIMIO is transporting you to their own party, full of personal anecdotes and energy mounted on top of hooky melodies, as is the case with “Colombian Pussy” and “When the Time Comes”, which open fire of this energetic album. There’s also ballads that perfectly synq with the rest of the record to give our ears a breath. A highlight of this is "Confused", right before the rocking "Death Of Me", a song that will surprise you with an amazing bass line and a tremendous solo. The hopeful "Someday", precedes the excelent "Line In The Sand," with it’s thorough background harmony guitar bridges, one of the best tracks on the album, along with "Lift Me Up", which starts as a power ballad that evolves right down to another fine solo by Aliaga; solos which are present throughout all compositions, imprinting the necessary weight, although there is a minor error in the guitar scale of "Confused". "Pill" and "Control" are the heaviest cuts in the album. In the latter, Maggio’s bass stands in all its magnitude with its fast technique, before a very 90’s and effective "Other Side". Almost arriving at the end of the LP, we find the nostalgic "Far Away"; an epic midtempo track that’s adorned with choirs that emerge between verses, however it loses a little by choosing too high a tone and a strange pronunciation – don’t know if intentionally - from Pinto, sounding somewhat forced, however, the structure of the piece is remarkable. "No Cure, No Escape", is in charge of the epilogue of this debut by SIMIO, a track that keeps our ears in between games of double guitar from Adela and Pablo, making it the perfect ending.

Una fórmula completamente asertiva en su sonido e integridad. Podemos A fully assertive sound and integrity formula. We can confirm that the album is well constructed throughout it’s instrumentation; It is clear and has good production values, except for minor inaccuracies. The musicians stand each in their work, without taking away prominence from any other one. Aliaga, Ibarra, Araya and Maggio, did a great job. Moreover, we can say that Pinto is a versatile singer with enough range to go from low tones to baritones and tenors, although the latter sometimes sound slightly overstretched. If they ever decide to make a Greatest Hits, I'm certain more than half of the cuts, would become part of that compilation. A great first CD based on catchy melodies and perfect sinq that these four years of preparation have given them to deliver a quality product. With this superb debut, SIMIO has taken an amazing leap into their evolutionary line.


SONGS: 1.Colombian Pussy 2.When The Time Comes 3.Confused 4.Death Of Me 5.Someday 6.Line In The Sand 7.Lift Me Up 8.Pill 9.Control 10.Other Side 11.Far Away 12.No Cure, No Escape


Fernando Pinto (Vocals)

Pablo Aliaga (Lead Guitar)

Adela Ibarra (Rythm Guitar)

Erick Araya (Drums)

Franco Maggio (Bass Guitar)

LABEL: Independent YEAR: 2015 COUNTRY: Chile WEBSITE: SOUNDCLOUD: STREAM: The Other Side DURATION: 46:12 RECORDING AT: Audiocustom by Felipe Ferrada and SIMIO DISEÑO ALBUM COVER: Fernando Pinto, Pablo Aliaga and SIMIO.


On April 9, Rockatto’s rock cycle presented itself at the facilities of 35mm Restobar to delight us with an enjoyable Thursday rock, with IGNACIO INDER, SIMIO and PERRO MUERTO.

SIMIO, presented their new bassist. The show consistently had sound mixing problems with singer Fernando Pinto’s mic, as his voice could not stand out from the guitars of Pablo Aliaga Ibarra and Adela. However, the sound of the instruments was well managed and with plenty of hard rock and stoner rock influence, which managed to seal what was a great show.


Pill Colombian Someday Far away Line in the sand The Other Side Again When the time comes Death of me No cure, no escape

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