Rock band

Hard Rock Band from Santiago - Chile


Fernando Pinto-  Lead Vocals

Pablo Aliaga-  Guitar

Simón López- Guitar

Franco Maggio-  Bass

Borislino Aravena-  Drum

Simio is a chilean rock band, started in 2011 by Pablo Aliaga (Guitar) and Fernando Pinto (Lead vocals and Bass)

Both of them, inspired by 80’s and 90’s rock, created most of the songs that 4 years later would become their first full length album, The Other Side.

Simio, which was formed by a group of friends, has gone through a few lineup changes in it’s process to become a more professional outfit, being 2014 the year that their current lineup finally came together.

Finally at the beginning of 2015, Fernando Pinto decided to focus on the lead vocals of the band recruiting Franco Maggio to be the new bass player, consolidating the powerful sound that identifies this band today.

With this formation, in 2015, the band recorded their debut album “The Other Side” which was released on the first week of December of that year.

Simón López and Borislino Aravena joined the organization as the new rhythmic guitars and drummer to start working in new material.


Ph: Daniel Rosales / Pablo Aliaga

SIMIO 2016